the final movie =)

This the video shows some of the effects in the compositing part.

This are the compositing “noodles” used in the external scenes.

This is the cover of the written part of this project. It´s in portuguese and can be downloaded here
2nd Dec 201118:188 notes
Character sketch that never made it through because of time, but the drawing is pretty cool!
30th Nov 201121:026 notes

Some texturing/color correction tests

All hail the teaser!


"Drop Render" is a render server made with a mixture of python and Dropbox. The python script is a simple script that watches a folder for any .txt called “RenderList”, if this file is found the script lunches blender to render the files written in the txt file.

Using drop box, I can send from my house computer to the PC at my work the .blend files I was working and the RenderList.txt, if the script is running over there and the output folder of those blender files are also shared with dropbox, the rendered scenes started to appear in my home computer again =),

more info and download script here

If you take in account the fact that my home computer took 2 minutes to render one frame, which took 30 seconds at work, and that the whole movie is about 3.000 frames this trick was a real life saver!

In the last scene I wanted to not only the other images to be projected onto the scene, but actual surfaces with strands, shadows and even the new ocean modifier!

For that I used a combination of Shrinkwrap modifier and vertex parenting, you can download the test file here:

To make a transition similar to the transitions in the Michel Gondry clip “Let forever be” I used the UV project modifier to change the UV layout according to the perspective of a duplicate camera, when the main camera changes its position we can se all the deformations applied to the texture being projected by the copied camera.

You can download a test file here:

Opaque  by  andbamnan